Benchmarking NXP i.MX 6UltraLite and Marvell PXA166, PXA168 ARM CPUs

Technology has become more than just a battle of sheer numbers. It has somewhat morphed into a “less is more” philosophy to see what’s possible with less. We pitted these three ARM CPUs together to find out if there are any positive impacts to using a slower clock speed CPU:

What we found is very promising in that in most tests, the 696 MHz i.MX 6UltraLite provided a huge advantage over the 800 MHz PXA166 and even the 1066 MHz PXA168. Let’s take a quick look at our findings.


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Using a Servo with the TS-7180 SBC

Servos are a ubiquitous and versatile part of everyday electronic gadgetry. From unlocking doors to dropping a soda out of the vending machine, nearly anywhere a computer needs motion you will probably find a servo. Servo control is an important trick in any embedded systems software engineer’s repertoire.

The TS-7180 SBC makes a conveniently apt servo controller, however there are some caveats that might surprise the uninitiated.    Home

You can also read this article in Servo Magazine!

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