Our Research in SLC NAND Endurance on EECatalog

Update Since publishing, EECatalog is no longer. We’ve moved the original article to our own blog: SLC NAND Secrets Exposed.          Home

This whitepaper is the result of many months of effort, working together with our customers in the field, in troubleshooting and coming up with an “smoking gun” explanation and solution for a decrease in SLC NAND flash endurance. It’s valuable information for any embedded system users who rely on their data and filesystem to be free of corruption. Be sure to read the full whitepaper atSLC NAND: Secrets Exposed at EECatalog.com (WayBack Machine Archived Link).

While you’re at it, you may want to take a look at our related articles, featuring the solution we came up with for the decreased flash endurance,XNAND2: NAND Device Driver for Todays Lower Endurance SLC NAND,and how to further prevent data loss,Whitepaper: Preventing Filesystem Corruption in Embedded Linux.                               Home

Demonstrating the TS-SILO Power Reserve Solution

Eliza Nelson, our Field Applications Engineer, takes some time during the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) inMinneapolis to show us a demo on the new TS-SILO super capacitor, power reserve solution. In the video, a TS-7680 equipped with onboard TS-SILO gets it’s power feed mercilessly taken away in an ever lasting loop every minute or so. Thanks to the TS-SILO, it has time to gracefully shutdown each time. Power is restored, the TS-SILO gets fully charged again in under a minute, and power is ripped away again. Enjoy the video!

New! Linux v4.9 Download. The Linux v4.9 kernel with long term support until 2023 is now available for download. Refer to the manual for details.